Possible ovarian cyst plus lesion on liver, panicking slightly!

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Keepkondoing Thu 15-Oct-20 14:50:02

So after a private women’s health check I was referred to my gp for further tests. I’ve had a scan an it was revealed I have a massive (23cm!) cyst - they say it’s a simple cyst so fluid filled and think it’s on an ovary but are not sure, I’m having blood tests to rule out cancer etc. Awaiting results and an appointment to see gynae which could be as long a wait as January (I presume much quicker if bad blood results), they also spotted on the scan a lesion on my liver so they’ve also done bloods for that and have put me on the two week pathway to see gastroenterology. I’ve googled and googled - I know it’s not the wisest move but I just need answers! I know that this could be nothing although best case is I end up with an operation to remove the cyst and the liver lesion is nothing, but I can’t help thinking the worst.

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SeaToSki Thu 15-Oct-20 21:05:21

I dont know what it could be, but liver lesions can heal because the liver can re grow itself. Fluid filled cysts near your ovaries are probably from a follicle that didnt rupture as normal at the time of the month, it isnt a big deal and might rupture on its own. Keep pushing the doctors though, so many people are slipping through the covid cracks

Molehillfromamountain Thu 15-Oct-20 21:39:37

Hi OP, Try not to think the worst!
I had a very large fluid filled ovarian cyst during my first pregnancy. It was discovered at the 12 week scan measuring 19cm and they removed it by laparoscopy within 2 weeks. They were reluctant to let it rupture and obviously space was at a premium in there!
I think the general approach is to watch and wait but given the size of your cyst they may want to remove it.
I've no experience of the liver legions, mine was resting on my bladder. Constantly needed to pee!

Keepkondoing Thu 15-Oct-20 22:30:26

Thanks, my rational side is keeping me sane at the moment, I know it’s likely to be easy enough to sort but obviously when they start mentioning other tests and not knowing things it does make me worry. Hopefully I’ll know either way pretty soon.

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Keepkondoing Thu 15-Oct-20 22:30:55

And yes I’m going to keep on at my gp to make sure I’m not forgotten!

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Nat6999 Thu 15-Oct-20 22:57:08

It could be endometriosis, I had a cyst, lesions on my bowel, when they did the laparoscopy it was endometriosis, as I was 44, I had the cyst & my ovary removed, was put on hormone treatment & 6 months later had a hysterectomy & the lesions removed.

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