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AliSxo Wed 14-Oct-20 21:13:50

Hi, I've had a Fibroadenoma for about 9 years. It was small to start, last time it was checked in 2018 it had grown to 2.9cm and nhs wouldn't remove it unless it was over 4cm. This is fine, it was biopsied in 2018 and it isn't canerxois it's a benign lump. Being pregnant it does feel like it's once again grown which reading up online about; that's fairly common. However it's hard to check for any other lump with this big mass in the way! I've called my Dr who's referred me back for the breast clinic and likely I'll get an appointment in the next few weeks. I'm 31 weeks pregnant so even if it now is 4cm+ I won't have it removed and I'm sure they won't want me to until I've finished breastfeeding, certainly not one for when I'm still pregnant. Does anyone else have a Fibroadenoma in pregnancy? Xx

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