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Yukkatree12 Tue 06-Oct-20 07:35:36


I will first apologise for the long post.

A couple of days after my period in September I had really bad pain in my lower abdomen area (which went away after taking painkillers and a heat pad) from then on I had pelvic pain every day.

Last week, I was at work and I had to go to the toilet. I had a whoosh of blood and although abit of an odd start to my period starting and being 10 days early. I did not think anything of it. I usually spot for seven days and then I have my period. I went back to my work and 10 minutes later I had a huge amount of pain in my lower abdomen and also lower back pain and I nearly collapsed. Work sent me to my local small hospital and they gave me antibiotics as they said it could be a UTI or my ovaries. When the doctor pressed down on my ovary I cried out in pain.

The pain had gotten worse over the weekend so I managed to get an appointment with my doctor who sent me to a bigger hospital to check out my kidneys and ovaries. The hospital took bloods and I had a CT scan on my kidneys and bladder - all turned out fine and the antibiotics has killed any infection.

At the hospital they refused to scan my ovaries. I’ve got to go back to the doctors to get a self referral to have the scan. I feel like I wasn’t taken seriously, meanwhile, I’m left in so much pain and I have a got a sick note for seven days for work which luckily I have holiday after to get over this.

I have repeatedly told doctors I have PCOS and my last scan was 6 or 7 years ago and my cysts where measuring 2-3cm on both ovaries. I’m feeling so disheartened.

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Literallyfedup Tue 06-Oct-20 20:28:51

If you spot regularly then you should have got it tested long ago. Pcos does not cause pelvic pain or spotting. Spotting is usually a sign of fibroids/ persistent ovarian cyst/ endometriosis/adenomyosis/ polyps /perimenopause. With your history of pcos it might be a persistent ovarian cyst that has stayed for numerous cycles and possibly grown in size . Don't worry about the cyst too much as mostly they are benign but they still cause symptoms which needs treatment or a surgery depending on the size of cyst or other possible issues of spotting. Visit your GP and get a pelvic scan both trans vaginal and abdominal. Even if everything comes clear get some treatment for spotting. If GP is no help then get a Gynaecologist referral.

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