Internal Cystitis or something more serious?

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Dollface20 Sat 03-Oct-20 07:41:11

For months I've had
ongoing UTIs
On/off pelvic and lower back pain
Frequent urination
Non visible traces of blood in urine
White blood cells in urine
Constantly on antibiotics

These are my only symptoms.
GP hasn't referred me for anything other than kidneys scan (which I paid for privately and came back clear)
I am beside myself with terror. I don't know what else
To do.. I found bladder cancer online which I know googling isn't helpful but I feel it's a bladder test I need not kidney test

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Cahu58 Sat 03-Oct-20 08:04:59

I'm the same, got a consultant appointment in July and it's a slight prolapse. All they recommend at the moment is physio which I'm still waiting to hear about and doing your own pelvic floor exercises. I'm 57 though, you don't mention your age

Dollface20 Sat 03-Oct-20 09:00:41

Hi thanks for your reply. I'm 33 and I've had a c section a few years ago. I'm at my whits end, I don't know what to suggest to docs for maybe more testing ??

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peacypops Sat 03-Oct-20 09:55:45

I have been in a similar situation for the last few months. Had a pelvic ultrasound which revealed a small simple cyst. A second ultrasound 6 weeks later and was told that the cyst had gone but still I am suffering with pelvic twinges and frequent urination. Might be worth asking for an ultrasound of your pelvis as a next step?

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