Irregular period and pain

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alicemay1605 Thu 24-Sep-20 00:12:39

Hi everyone, so i was on the contraceptive pill (cerazette...kept forgetting to take it but used condoms) then when my period started on the 10th September I took 2 days worth of the tablet and then stopped taking it as we now want to try for a baby. My period on the 10th September lasted me 6 days, i then started bleeding again on the 20th September, I’m still heavy bleeding now which is my 5th day of bleeding and I’m having some pain on my lower left side and some pains inside my vagina. The bleeding is bright red blood, just like a normal period. I’m not really sure why I started my period again so fast. Could anyone give me any clues as to why this is happening. And how do I get my body to start having regular periods. As my latest period came before I even had a chance to ovulate.

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