Scared about endometrial biopsy? And contraception worry?!

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Dmtush Mon 21-Sep-20 07:24:15

I’ve only had them myself for major surgery so I obviously felt awful afterwards as I’d had bits cut out but my husband has had a few for exploratory procedures like you’re planning and he felt weak and groggy for a week or so and in the immediate aftermath was vomiting and dizzy.

It’s a quick procedure though so I’m sure you’ll be in and out and won’t be in any pain.

Honeybeexo Mon 21-Sep-20 06:53:04

@Dmtush how will I feel worse from the anaesthetic? Never had a general before so just curious

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Dmtush Mon 21-Sep-20 05:56:06

Though I see you found having the coil awful. Either way you’ll be out for the procedure so it’ll be fine.

Dmtush Mon 21-Sep-20 05:55:05

I had one done a few weeks ago in preparation for having ablation and endometriosis removed. I was conscious the entire time and it was absolutely fine. It didn’t hurt, it was just uncomfortable. I was well enough to drive myself home in 20 minutes and was up and about with the kids straight after.

If you’re having a general you’ll feel worse from that than from the procedure. Please don’t worry, it’s not much different to having the coil fit.

Honeybeexo Mon 21-Sep-20 02:24:47

I got “local anaesthetic” injected into my womb when I got my copper coil done, but it did naff all and was horrendous.

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Literallyfedup Sun 20-Sep-20 20:50:41

Relax. You won't feel a thing if you get the procedure done under general anesthesia , not will you have any pain afterwards. If nausea is your only problem with hormones then IUD won't cause it as the hormone is restricted in your uterus. Even with the biopsy you won't have any pain after the hysteroscopy. I wonder why the doctor did not insert the copper coil without anaesthesia. If you already had kids then the procedure is not so traumatising but if you never had kids then using anaesthesia is the sensible way to go.
Now even with IUD you will experience some spotting for first 4-6 weeks but it will go away eventually plus your periods will be a lot lighter.
I do not have any idea that if IUD is okay with your current medication but if your GP is fine with it then it must be okay.

Honeybeexo Sun 20-Sep-20 18:56:29

So, after trying all sorts of contraception methods, I realised all the hormonal ones were making me sick, and so the doctor referred me to get a copper coil.

Basically due to V important epilepsy meds I am on (which also cause irregular periods) it would be very dangerous for fetus if I was pregnant, and I do not want children anyway at the moment, so I don’t want to just rely on condoms (I find them uncomfortable anyway). So I must have another form of contraception.

So yes, I went to get the copper coil done. Pain was horrendous during and after for a day or so, I was curled up crying and being sick. I got it fitted in December 2019.

Fast forward to now, the coil has been fabulous, apart from one thing- permanant bleeding. The bleeding is so light that I don’t have to wear a towel or tampon. But it’s there. I’ve had it every day since the coil fitting although it’s got much lighter now.

The doctor noticed and despite blaming my coil for it wants to do an endometrial biopsy. I’m getting a general anaesthetic due to being frightened of the pain after my coil experience and I’m honestly so scared. Both for the experience of being knocked out, and the pain afterwards mainly. Also for the results but nowhere near as much. It’s the pain factor that’s scaring me because my coil was unbearable.

I’m also worried about my contraception choice. The doctor has offered to get the surgeon to insert a horrmonal IUD during my Biopsy procedure to hopefully stop the bleeding but still offer me protection from pregnancy. But I’m positive that it’ll make me vomit all the time, just like all the other hormonal contraceptives I’ve tried did to me (pill, implant, injection, patch, everything). So I’m very reluctant to, especially as I’ve just started a new job as a shop floor assistant and I don’t want the sickness to interfere with that. The nausea before was unbearable and I could barely eat. Plus the horrendous pain of getting it pulled out while awake if it doesn’t even work for me, then the horrendous pain of the copper one being reinserted if I have to swap back again.

Basically I’m willing to put up with bleeding for the rest of my life, but is this wise?

And I’m terrified about everything, both the biopsy and the contraception

Somebody please help me.

I’m 25 by the way. No kids. No plans for kids anytime soon. But I don’t want tubes tied as I may want them when I’m older.

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