Longer periods on contraceptive implant

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Septemberx Sat 19-Sep-20 05:21:58

Hi I've had the contraceptive implant In my arm now for a year and a half. I have been on my period for 15 days now but it was light for 7 days and really heavy for 8 days. It doesn't seem to be getting any lighter. I'm getting a bit worried now. Has any one been through this before

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malaguena Sat 19-Sep-20 05:33:55

I had the same thing, with a couple of months in between periods. I took it off in the end as I hated it, I had it in for about 2 years. It didn't affect my fertility at all though as I fell pregnant with my 1st child soon after. If it bothers you, definitely take it off!

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