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Springxchicken Tue 15-Sep-20 14:48:01

Awkward subject. But what better place to ask. I'm aware of discharge and what's normal in regards to colour and smell etc. I know it's normal. I know why we get it.

But since having a baby two years ago I get so much. It's always there. It's horrible. I constantly have stringy long gloops of clear/milky tinged discharge. In ovulation it turns clear and there heaps of it.

I'm hygienic. I haven't had sex for a few months now. But for the last two years I've only had sex with condoms. I've been with the same man 8 years.

I find it disgusting because I can't be spontaneous. I also bleed on day 13-14 (streaks in cm)

I certainly couldn't walk around naked.
Tell me I'm not alone.

I did a HPV swab in January and It came back fine.

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Fast90 Tue 15-Sep-20 14:51:31

Hi OP,

Have you had STD testing? What you’re describing is a symptom of both gonorrhoea and chlamydia.

Springxchicken Tue 15-Sep-20 14:54:12

Yeah I had swabs when I was pregnant. No way I've got those things. I've not been unprotected for two years. No green or yellow. No itching or burning. No smells.

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