Down below after childbirth

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MrsMarrio Mon 14-Sep-20 00:40:03

Any advice or experience would be much appreciated! I had my son 11 weeks ago and needed an episiotomy during a delivery (first baby and 9lb7.5oz). I noticed a stitch had come out 4 after, I had the midwife check and she said it was healing fine.

Fast forward 5 weeks I was still experiencing pain that hadn’t got any better so got a mirror and took a look. Well wasn’t that life changing. It looked what I could only describe as a cleft palette.

Had the gp take a look and seemed that the stitch that had come out was the one closest to the vaginal entrance so had healed slightly open. I also had granulated scaring. Gp referred me to gynaecology for them to try and get it ‘a bit better’.

Gynaecologist said they usually let episiotomies heal for 12 months but would take a look anyway. So seen him last week and he treated the overscarring with silver nitrate. I asked about getting the wound closed over as it is really getting me down. He looked at me like I had 2 heads and said ‘it’s completely healed inside and out’ like there was nothing wrong with it and ‘your sure it’s not the baby getting you down? And you will feel better with some rest’. I just thought he’s not going to help me and went to my car and cried. I’m going to go back to my gp over it and get referred to a different hospital to hopefully get an episiotomy repair which is what I think my gp had originally intended when she referred me.

However the next day I got the mirror out again to have another look. I hadn’t noticed on the first look how wide open the entrance is now is compared to before childbirth. Like my insides are now completely visible. I can see the vaginal wall which I could never see before by just glimpsing. So my question is, is this normal? Will the entrance start shrinking back to size in time? Because like I said the whole situation is getting me down, I’ve cried more times than I can count. It is so distressing. Can’t bare the thought of my husband seeing it and I burst into tears if he tries to initiate anything. I just feel like I’m going to be stuck like this forever. I know it won’t be back to pre birth condition but to me it’s completely unrecognisable now and I don’t feel like me anymore!

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FelicityFisher Mon 14-Sep-20 20:39:29

Honestly calm down! I say that nicely.

You had a baby 11 weeks ago. It's completely normal - unless it's causing you pain or other worrying symptoms. Put the mirror away and just stop thinking about it - or try not to! Give it a year and then whip the mirror back out and you'll see it back to what you might imagine it should look like.

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