Late period 5 months after stopping pill.

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musicaljojo Sat 05-Sep-20 10:36:48

Basically I’m 2 days late after stopping the pill in April, I’ve had periods since I’ve had 39, 34, 36,37 cycles which are all pretty normal for me. On this cycle I’m now late starting, I’ve done a pg test and was negative even though I didn’t think I could be anyway.
I keep getting cramps and I’ve had all the usual pmt signs but just no period, anyone else had this?

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Willow298 Sat 05-Sep-20 22:42:53

Yes! I came off the pill in May and had 37, 32 and 29 day cycles, and I'm currently on day 39 but no AF! Had cramps and all the usual too. Have read that it can sometimes take 12 months to settle down, but felt weird considering I had had 3 pretty normal cycles.

musicaljojo Sun 06-Sep-20 08:03:25

Thank you!! I’m feeling so much better that it’s not just me going through this, it’s very weird!!

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Kel9 Sun 06-Sep-20 14:52:51

I came off the progesterone only pill end of July and had a bleed for 7 days a week later. That was 3rd August not had a period since...

I bled through the pill and that was why I came off it now I’m waiting on my bloody period! I use to have 28 day cycles! I have had unprotected sex so I was worrying a little.., I’ll give it a few more days!

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