Does this sound like endo?

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trembleandwear Sun 30-Aug-20 19:28:10

I’ve been having really severe pelvic pain with pain in bladder as well - usually around ovulation and 1 week before period. GP suggested I try the mini pill to see if it helps. I’ve been on it for 3 months and still in really bad pain every 2 weeks or so. Am still bleeding (like a 2 week period) and it’s even worse during this time even though there’s not as much blood as before I took the pill. Had a normal ultrasound (just a 4cm cyst, but looked normal). I just don’t know if it is endo as it hasn’t really got better with the pill . Has anyone got endo and it felt like this/even on the pill? I wish I knew what it was as I’m finding it hard to deal with the pain and painkillers barely touch it. Thanks!

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trembleandwear Tue 01-Sep-20 23:18:44

Anyone? Just wondered if anyone had endo which wasn’t helped by taking the mini pill? Just wish I knew what it was, thanks

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Myfanwyprice Tue 01-Sep-20 23:25:58

I have got the mirena coil not the mini pill, but this hasn’t helped my endo pain at all, my endo was diagnosed by laparoscopy 2 years ago, I was told that the worst of it is on my bowel, and they didn’t want to risk removing it due to the risk of causing damage. For me the pain is bad around ovulation and then again with my (now very light) period, I find the pain is in my lower back, pelvic area and down my left leg.

Earlier this year, I did start a course of prostap injections, which helped so much, but my second injection was postponed due to Covid, hoping to have it soon, as it was so lovely not to be in pain for half the month.

I hope you manage to find a solution, as endo pain is miserable.

AttilaTheMeerkat Wed 02-Sep-20 09:26:22


Endometriosis cannot be ruled out here and your GP should be referring you onto a gynaecologist for further evaluation. Any pain that is cyclical in nature and or gets worse up to and including menses
should be checked out further to determine if endo is the root cause. In the meantime I would suggest you keep a daily pain and symptom diary as this can give clues.

Internal ultrasound scans do not detect endometriosis if it is present.

trembleandwear Wed 02-Sep-20 19:11:03

Thanks very much that’s really useful. As this developed during lockdown the advice was to see if the pill helped as it would then suggest endo. But I still bleed on the pill and it still hurts like hell so I just don’t know. I have a referral but it is months away and it’s hard to wait. The injection sounds good - will read about that in the meantime thanks

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