Does this sound like underactive thyroid?

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LimeLemonOrange Thu 27-Aug-20 17:17:58

It could be worth getting a private thyroid test as the private ones test more than just the basic GP test, make sure you get antibody tests.

Literallyfedup Mon 24-Aug-20 20:55:05

Are you taking anything for pcos??? Your symptoms point towards insulin resistance. Your sugar levels are also high which point towards that. Ask your GP for Metformin. Nausea which gets better with eating is mostly caused by improper glucose levels.

ifitmakesyouhappy Sun 23-Aug-20 19:37:21

I am a 28 year old female, I am severely fed up with my health, I've had issues for a few years now regarding weight gain, acne, missing periods and was diagnosed with PCOS.

From October 2019 until April 2020 my acne had cleared and my periods had become regular again.

However after April's period I have had none and from around about may time have had these following symptoms -

Tired - sleep for 8 hours per night then still struggle to keep eyes open during day 2-3 hour naps if can

Unexplained Weight gain


Hot flashes

Shaky in between meals, made better when I eat

Numbness in my arms

Muscle pain

No period since March

Heart palpitations

Persistent nausea which is better when eating

Hair loss in eyebrows

Dry skin

I seen the doctor in July but hadn't really taken much notice of all the symptoms together and mainly complained of my heart palpitations, he done a blood test and ecg - he said everything was fine, my blood glucose was high - 13 but my hba1c was normal as was my TSH for thyroid.

However, since then these symptoms are getting steadily worse, I have never in my life experienced such lethargy in my life, any activity, even just walking a little and I am ready for a nap. I could sleep all day and it is not like me.

Having done some research I genuinely believe I have hypothyroidism. I am going to phone tomorrow and book in with a female doctor who dealt with my PCOS. The thing is I don't want to be seen as a hypochondriac that won't accept the answer. Does this sound like underactive thyroid? Would you push for another test?

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