Can anyone recommend a really good vitamin?

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newmum2999 Thu 20-Aug-20 14:47:30

I'm quite fatigued and need some good vitamins.

Can anyone recommend?

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Mrslovexx Thu 20-Aug-20 15:05:16

Vitamin C
And B12 flowers

Immigrantsong Thu 20-Aug-20 15:06:56

Vitamin D, minimum 1000mg a day. Valuepak is great.
Magnesium 375g
Vitamin C and zinc

RealityExistsInTheHumanMind Thu 20-Aug-20 15:07:46

As PP plus vitamin D3 capsule in oil.

YorkshireParentalPerson Thu 20-Aug-20 15:09:22

These ones have been great for me, I've felt a lot better since taking them.

HaveSomeTea Thu 20-Aug-20 15:18:18

I use Centrum women which is a multivitamin as well as Vitabiotics ultra Vitamin D 2000IU. I think they help but who knows. I’m vegan so I take vitamins just to make sure I’m getting everything I need. My vitamin D has been low in the past which can cause tiredness so that’s why I use the ultra.

It might be worth getting your GP to do some bloods if you’re feeling tired. Hopefully you’ll be full of energy soon. smile

nearlynermal Thu 20-Aug-20 15:35:39

D! I'm feeling so much better on it.

newmum2999 Thu 20-Aug-20 21:54:38

Thank you '

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adagio Thu 20-Aug-20 21:56:36

Iron - taken properly as in with vit c and not near a meal or cuppa - makes a huge difference for me.

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