Headache? CFS/ME diagnosed

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Mrslovexx Wed 19-Aug-20 18:25:24

I have major health anxiety so I’m stressing myself out by this.
I have been to the GP already who says I have a ‘viral infection’. Personally I don’t believe that is so.

I was diagnosed with CFS/ME 2 years ago, I believe I could be having a possible ‘crash’ which started on Saturday. I was getting ready to go into town with my husband for some shopping and I got a pain in my head, then felt really hot and clammy.
Slightly lightheaded/drunk feeling and the headache’ is still there.
It’s not your average headache it’s like random head pains every so often.. and they can be anywhere really, forehead, back of neck, behind eyes.. am I just being paranoid? I’m making myself feel so much worse than probably what is actually wrong. I just want to cry and not even talk to anybody I feel scared 😦

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