Talk to me about periods after birth

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OneTooManyBathtimes Tue 18-Aug-20 18:25:58

I'm breastfeeding, and this is my 2nd baby. She's 11 months old and so far I've had 2 periods since. Cycles average at 49 days at the moment and seem to have just had the lightest period ever. There was definitely blood, but barely anything even worth putting a pad in for.

I am not pregnant.

Last period was 8 days and ended on the 6th July.

I'm usually quite a heavy bleeder and will bleed for 7 days, with a cycle length of about 32 days or so but was never too regular. Would fluctuate between 2 days early and max of 5 days late if I was.

Is it usual to have sudden change like this after kids? A part of me has been wondering if it's early menopause as I've had hot flushes but that could just be the weather and me being ill(?) I'm 26.

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Suzi888 Wed 19-Aug-20 05:41:28

Hi- I had a c section at 38, my periods were a little all over the place. Regular when they arrived but either hardly anything or loads, sometimes no pain other times bad cramps.
I doubt you are going through menopause, but your GP can do a quick test (I think).
My periods now remain much heavier than they ever were and with hardly any cramps. I wouldn’t worry but ring your GP/HV if you are concerned.

babbafett Wed 19-Aug-20 06:01:17

Its probably due to breastfeeding as that will effect your cycle and acts like contraception (obviously not a reliable form but probably enough to disrupt your cycle).
The hot flushes are something I've been getting as well,I figure it's a combination of the weather and hormones still settling down. My midwife said it took over 9months to make the baby, it will take over 9months for your body to fully recover from that.
I'm currently 10 weeks postpartum and have my 2nd period. The first was light and very short I would have barely considered it a period l. Delighted thinking this could be the new normal for me. Post pregnancy I suffered hugely with them and some doctors suggested they would get better after I have children. This period is absolutely agony. Incredibly heavy and incredibly painful,genuinely as painful as contractions only I don't have any gas and air to distract me.
I don't think there is a hard and fast rule when in comes to periods after birth but do speak with your G.P even just to put your mind at rest

OneTooManyBathtimes Wed 19-Aug-20 10:14:47

Thank you. I know it can take 18 months to go back after having a baby, but I never had a post partum period. I just bled for 8 weeks then nothing until May/June.

I also would never risk breastfeeding as a form of contraception. I got pregnant first try with my son, and almost the same with DD. We've got fertile women in the family. Condoms all the way (hormonal contraception makes me worse and I don't want implant etc)

I didn't think menopause could be it, but I saw the list of symptoms and I did match a few. Would be worth asking GP though to rule it out just in case I guess

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