Vaginal dryness- 21 years old. Pls help!

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Citygirl2 Mon 17-Aug-20 23:53:29

I am 21 years old and suffer with vaginal dryness. I want to ask the menopausal ladies what medication the doctors can prescribe you/ anything other solutions. I want a something that makes me ‘wet’ and stay wet during sex. I feel like only being 21 means you aren’t taken seriously or given options at appointments. My vagina isn’t sore so I don’t need anything that moistures dry skin (I have been prescribed dermol cream but it didn’t help.

I have tried vagisil prohydrate tubes but they gave me thrush after each time I used them (plus they are expensive!)

I’ve not always had it but with my long term boyfriend I was on a variety of contraceptives, i am super sensitive to hormones and I believe that they caused it. I am off the pill and have been for a year now but the problem still remains.

As you can imagine it knocks my confidence to have sex with people as I have to use lube and I find it awkward to say this/ get the lube out.

This isn’t a problem that I’m not aroused during sex, as I definitely am and still can’t get wet/ if I do I don’t retain it.

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