Tears/cuts on vulva

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turmoil123 Thu 13-Aug-20 21:15:58

Has anyone experienced this before?

It's happened on and off for years now, but they are becoming more frequent and at the moment they are really bad.

They are not caused by sex or any physical irritation, they just come out of nowhere and heal within a couple days but more come in the meantime.

Almost like papercuts, not deep but super stingy, and can sometimes bleed.

They happen anywhere between my anus and the very top of my vulva. Mainly in the creases/folds but I can get them on/under my clitoris and on my inner labia.

I'm in my early 30s and have 2 kid's. I have the copper coil, so no hormonal contraception.

Any ideas?

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RummidgeGeneral Fri 14-Aug-20 17:25:23

Yes. Familiar to me. In my case due to peri menopause. Vagifem pessaries twice a week which have low dose oestrogen helpful.

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