Thrush especially after sex

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lana29 Wed 05-Aug-20 21:38:02


Hope I'm in the right place. So I started seeing my new boyfriend October time, sex was going great, enjoyable turned on and no thrush after having thrush past with my ex of 4 years. I then got depo injection February time (my first shot) Then lockdown happened March time, I then didn't see my boyfriend through lockdown. Due to long distance relationship. Lockdown ended and I got my 2nd deep injection maybe June which was overdue! Since seeing my boyfriend sex the first time was dry, but no thrush after then the last two times, I've had irritation, itching for days after and GP assumes thrush but doesn't swab. The first time thrush happened with him, I had felt dry and GP prescribed Sylk so I thought this would prevent but nope even after lube!

I'm washing after sex, I'm peeing before and after and I don't use any soaps below. My routine hasn't changed apart from UTI issue and lockdown. I also drink a lot of alcohol weekends but use to do this before same with sugar intake and now I seem to get thrush constantly. He shows no symptoms as GP asked and so I've been given fluc few times now.

If he does have thrush (Rare) would condoms prevent me from passing on and is sex safe with thrush if condom is worn? I don't want another relationship impacted and hope this is a safe option!

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Kel9 Mon 10-Aug-20 09:41:55

I’ve had thrush after my period for the last two years it’s a bloody mare. I’ve been tested though!

My other half has taken the thrush pill too incase I was passing it on however I have heard that it can happen but is very uncommon! I’ve read so much over the years about thrush.

About 3 months ago I was put on the progesterone only pill after coming off the coil which I though was causing it and I hardly had any issues. However my mood changed and I wasn’t myself so I’m off that too and bang after my period .... I’ve got a touch of thrush!!!

It could be your birth control as it changes the levels of hormones in your body! Thrush isn’t an std but I’d maybe lay if the sex when you get it x

DemDem94 Mon 10-Aug-20 11:16:32

I hate thrush. I suffer bad with it sometimes...
like the pp said it’s probably your contraception.
Hormones imbalance are linked to thrush infections.

Aligeorge Fri 28-Aug-20 17:09:18

I suffered with thrush for 3 years. Once a month, every month. Countless visits to the GP but nothing seemed to work. In the end I decided to remove my coil, it has now been out 4 months and not had it once. My doctor refused to believe it could be to do with the coil but it’s pretty self explanatory that the thrush stopped when it was removed.

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