How to know if you have miscarried?

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Laurenxoxo Sun 02-Aug-20 15:01:00

So 3 months ago I gave birth, since then I have had a period that lasted around a week with a couple of days where I wasn't bleeding! Recently I have been bleeding again but it's so so heavy! Nothing like I've experienced before with a period. Very bright dark red!! I did start to take the contraceptive pill not long after I gave birth but I stopped taking that a couple of weeks ago as me and my partner would like to try for another(crazy I know) but just don't know why I'm bleeding this much

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3rdtimestupid Mon 03-Aug-20 13:48:09

It's very normal to bleed all over the place for a good few months after pregnancy. I think with a miscarriage you will see a lot of clotting and have back pain or cramping also.

Good luck ttc!

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