Confused. Any advice

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TheGoodNamesWereAlreadyTaken Mon 27-Jul-20 14:06:46

So my last period was on 27th June. All normal. Came on time. Lasted the usual 5 days.
I usually have quite a long cycle of about 35 days but it turned up again 2 weeks later on 20th of July and it still hasn't stopped. Currently on day 8. It's been unusually light apart from maybe days 3 & 4. Also had really bad cramping, mainly at the beginning which I don't usually get.
I've had the copper IUD for 7 months and everything settled down after the first 2 months so I dont think it's anything to do with that.
I've tried to google but I'm not finding anything so thought I'd ask you knowledgeable lot. TIA

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TheGoodNamesWereAlreadyTaken Mon 27-Jul-20 16:20:28


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