Pelvic Inflammatory Disease and TTC. Help please?!

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naplavni Thu 23-Jul-20 20:08:28

Hello MNs!
I am hopeful that someone has had similar experiences and can help me try to understand what's happened.
I have suspected PID and am on two strong antibiotics now. I felt poorly the day after dh and I dtd to TTC and I think this could be because I didn't wash out the semen after we had finished.

My question is, does semen cause bacterial infections? Would weeing after help prevent any infections?

Sorry tmi but my cervix is stretched from DS1 and I read that it's just easier for bacteria to get in there.

Has anyone had PID that can sympathize? It's been really painful and stupidly I just put my symptoms down to actually conceiving.

Thanks for reading! Xx

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