Should I be worried? (ttc, pregnancy syptoms, violent AF)

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Mrschips07 Mon 13-Jul-20 20:05:59

I've had cramping pain in my lower left side from my last period (15th June) all the way through ovulation on 30th June (where it got worse and I had spotting) up to now where I've got my next period 6 days early.

We're ttc number 2, I felt lots of pg symptoms up until AF arrived on Friday (colostrum leak, frequent urination, muscle pulling, weird dreams, smells making me feel sick) from the start my bleeding has been pink/bright red. No brown like my AF normally starts. Its also been extremely painful which is unusual for me, the pain feels higher up than normal, almost under my ribs and round my sides. I've done tests just in case and they're all BFN.

I'm getting emotional and exhausted from just being in constant pain for a month. I did see GP around ovulation time and shes referred me for a scan, but told me it was probably 'just' a cyst.

Any ideas?

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Mrschips07 Mon 13-Jul-20 20:08:57

Oh bloody hell ignore the glaring typo.

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Mrschips07 Wed 15-Jul-20 20:38:50

Little hopeful bump sad

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