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CabbagesOnFire Sat 11-Jul-20 16:38:17

Sorry if this I just a tiny thing, but I have had a bump under the skin - a bit like a spot you get on your face, and it's itchy, and (sorry, this is gross) sometimes I can squeeze it like a spot - on the inside of my labia, for probably about a year now. I had assumed it was an ingrown hair from waxing, but that surely would have gone away by now, and wouldn't keep coming back in the exact same place, would it?

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puffylovett Wed 15-Jul-20 01:19:36

I have several of these. They are blocked oil ducts. When they’re squeezed hard white stuff comes out of them. Not a good idea to squeeze them though - it’s easy to push too hard and develop an infection, I’ve needed antibiotics as a result and still have issues in that area.
I find my most irritating cysts tend to flare up around my period, become a bit itchy and irritating, and then calm down after.
Worth getting them checked if you’re concerned though smile

CabbagesOnFire Wed 15-Jul-20 11:40:37

Thanks! Oil ducts.... interesting.... nothing much to worry about then?

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puffylovett Wed 15-Jul-20 11:48:48

I don’t think so but obv the best person to confirm would be your GP if you’re worried.
FWIW I think mine were also probably caused by years and years of waxing! I am prone to blocked ducts, though.

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