3 months after birth,2nd degree tear,clitoral and perineal pain

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BabyPanteraMama Wed 08-Jul-20 13:21:56


I gave birth 3 months ago,I've been stitched for my 2nd degree tear,labia and perineum torn apart.
I have no infection,but the GPs are rushing everything these days and tye answer to all my pains and aches was "this is normal".

But is it? I mean,it lookes like its healing, it doesnt look raw,but it still hurts a lot when and after I am walking, it hurts very bad when I sit on the toilet. I cant wipe like before either with toilet tissue or with a towel after the shower,I need to softly and slowly pat the spot dry.

My clit was not torn apart,but thats the most painful part of my lady bits. When I sit on the loo,it feels lile its going to fall apart, it hurts so bad. I cant even think of trying sex for many months from now ( I dont feel bad for my partner,because he didnt have sex with me while pregnant, we are sex free for 10 months now so its not a big deal,but thats another story) . Even though,and I apologise for this silly sub story, I had an arousing dream and I woke up in tears. I got excited in my dream and my clit hurt all night and most of the morning after.

Anyone experienced any of this and/or know what to do about it or how long can potentially take for my bits to heal?

Thank you in advance

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