Post Copper Coil Removal Issues

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applepai Tue 28-Jul-20 11:00:14

Hey! I saw your post is a few weeks old, did your period come? How are you feeling?

In terms of your irritated uterus - I had a nightmare with my copper coil too- I had a bad bout of BV which prompted my doctor to remove the coil, and recently (after having uterine polyps removed - not connected to the copper coil!) was diagnosed with chronic endometritis which is basically a uterus infection... I had the coil out 18 months ago but my gynaecologist said it might be connected. Might be worth asking about it chronic endometritis, just in case?

Chronic endometritis can be cured with antibiotics if it is that!

willowdeandickson Sun 05-Jul-20 20:42:55

I got a copper coil in November, after a contraception review with the GP advised against the pill I was for for various contraindications (age, weight, headaches, etc). I wasn’t keen on mini-pill as it hadn’t worked out well for me previously so decided that if it as going to be an IUD, it may as well be hormone free and liked that the longevity of the copper coil, as it should take me right up to menopause.
The coil was all kinds of grim- flooding periods like I’ve never had before, continual discharge, discomfort and spotting mid cycle right through to period and I could sporadically feel the coil when I was walking/exercising or even just bending over.
Eventually managed to get it removed last month, Dr did a scan beforehand and said all was healthy otherwise but she thought my uterus might have been over-irritated by the coil, had cramping from removal right through to my period at roughly the normal time (haven’t kept as much track with being out of routine in lockdown).
Anyway now I’m 4 days late, generally regular no matter what. I had terrible PMS this month and I have all the symptoms of an impending period- cramps, back ache, headache ongoing and just feel gross. I did a pregnancy test and it was negative (albeit quite early at one day late)and honestly don’t feel pregnant (it was always quite obvious I was pregnant before I’d even tested and I have always had strong positives early on and I just don’t feel pregnant) and it would be a very slim chance If it actually was (didn’t DTD anywhere near ovulation time, used a condomi and checked it afterwards). Any time I’ve finished the pill my periods reverted to normal cycle straight away as well.

Even though I know rationally I’m highly unlikely to be pregnant, my mind is in overdrive, which I’m sure isn’t helping, not to mention the stress of parenting and working in lockdown, and a week of poor sleep and minor work stress, which again could be affecting all this. Oh and feeling like utter crap due to cramps, and an ear infection to top it off.

TLDR, interested in people’s experiences of problems after coil removal.

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