What vitamins have boosted you the best?

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doubleshotespresso Sat 04-Jul-20 22:24:31

Hoping fir some good recommendations.

Am at complete burnout point currently, relentless 24/7 care for high complex special needs DC (6) since before lockdown on top of everything else - feeling drained, wiped out and generally low on energy a ghost of my normal self.

I take levithyroxin daily and a few painkillers, along with well woman and Vitamin c but this just isn't enough.

What should I try please?

Main concerns are extreme exhaustion, lack of focus, and overly dry skin....

Any advice would be much appreciated smile

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MrsMcCarthysFamousScones Sun 05-Jul-20 08:27:37

These. I was like a new woman within a week.
I also take thyroxine but hypothyroidism can go hand in hand with low iron, Vitam D deficiency & vitamin B 12 deficiency (all of which I have) so it might be worth a chat to a GP & have some blood tests before you start supplementing because if you are taking anything you won’t get your true levels.


Emmagen Sun 05-Jul-20 09:01:28

A Vitamin B complex has perked me up before. I was taking it as we were thinking of TTC (went onto folic acid rather than the b complex once we did start) but noticed a huge improvement I how I felt. Which I was not expecting!

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