Feeling terrible please help...

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LucyCharlotteP Thu 02-Jul-20 16:45:28

Hi ladies,
This is going to be kind of long so sorry in advance. Basically before lock down began I went to the drs because I had terrible pains in my right knee. A year ago I had an extremely heavy professional speaker fall on my right knee from the attic. My knees never been the same since. The dr I saw told me to go back in 6 weeks time if the pain is still there. Couldn’t go back because they were not taking appointments due to the current circumstances. Lock down made my anxiety extremely bad so much so I had the most awful panic attack thinking I was having a heart attack I couldn’t breathe. Had to go to out of hours and they gave me sertraline. Started to take sertraline it made me feel horrendous for a couple of weeks, at least I thought it was that. I’ve stopped taking sertraline now for a month. My leg pain is now also in my calf. I feel so so tired and really just not well at all. Sick, headache very light headed. I have two daughters to look after and I just feel dreadful sad. I’ve been doing the worse thing possible by looking online and I have scared myself to death. I was due to have a smear in April but it got cancelled. Im so scared 😟. If anyone’s got any advice for me at all it would be greatly appreciated.

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Nellydean21 Thu 02-Jul-20 16:50:30

It sounds like your knee didn't heal properly. And the anxiety of the continual pain of that has meant you've gone into anxiety.

I would address the anxiety first, can you get medication, to stop that in the first instance. Anxiety is overwhelming and very hard, in fact impossible while it's on going.
You are going to be okay.

Ring your Gp, demand immediate anxiety medication, not anti depressants, not long term

LucyCharlotteP Thu 02-Jul-20 16:52:22

Oh thank you so much for your reply. Is that possible for the pain to go into my calf? I’m just so fed up of feeling like this so Unwell. The only thing that pick me up is alcohol and I don’t want to go down that road.

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LucyCharlotteP Thu 02-Jul-20 16:54:02

My drs close early on a Thursday and when I called yesterday their computers were down so unable to do anything for me but I do intend to call first thing in the morning.

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SRK16 Thu 02-Jul-20 17:02:41

Just re the above poster, the medication you’ve been given works for anxiety and low mood, anti-depressants is a misnomer really.
But I agree I think you need to ask for some support for anxiety (maybe talking therapy as medication isn’t for anyone and sounds like coping strategies would be useful). But regardless of that, your knee needs addressing! Calling the doctor again for an appointment sounds very sensible.

SRK16 Thu 02-Jul-20 17:02:54

Everyone not anyone!

LucyCharlotteP Thu 02-Jul-20 20:44:34

Thank you I think I absolutely do need to ask for some support to. I’m so fed up of feeling like so Tired and light headed especially with two children to take care of it’s extremely difficult to get through most days ☹️. I’m just so worried.

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