Is sterilisation the answer?

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AlphaDalpha Tue 30-Jun-20 13:44:09

I have children. I don't want any more.

I have awful PMT which I can only describe as a hate filled rage, sometimes I worry I could hurt someone.

I get period pain for the first day that radiates down my legs, standing can be hard and the pain can keep me awake at night. The pain is so bad I it feels the same as Labour (but it doesn't come in waves).

Then when my period is here I am exhausted, yesterday I slept in the evening and went to bed and slept all night and now I could sleep again.

I'm too scared to touch hormonal birth control as the pill and the mini pill send me loopy too.

So is sterilisation my best option? Will it bring on the menopause? Stop my symptoms? If I could "take to my bed" when it was a problem that would be fine but I can't miss out a week a month in bed (not indeed even an hour with small children).

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