Slow-release iron B12 supplements for headache and rosacea?

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fortmums Mon 29-Jun-20 15:43:00

For over a decade since my pregnancy, I've suffered from ferocious headaches and, also, from rosacea (?) really scaly skin on face with spots. The headache feels like poison each time. I kept a headache diary and have seen a nutritionist. The headaches sort of coincide with my cycle but not really, and also seem to come at random other times, always lasting for 3 days, sometimes up to 7. I am incapacitated during the headaches, cannot work or function. For the rosacea, it has been a big embarrassment over the years. At least as a woman, can wear foundation but frankly close up for work colleagues and friends/family it is obvious and looks rubbish. I do have heavy periods now, I just thought it was age.

A bit randomly (I usually take a multivit) I took a slow-release Iron, Zinc, B12 tablet last time I had this headache. Within a few hours, the headache had gone and I could see clearly, felt normal. This has never happened, paracetamol aspirin does not clear this headache, or clears it a bit then comes back. Same thing next day. They are one-a-day with 17mg iron in, and so I took one a day this last week.

I feel great.

No headache. Feel clear and energised. My skin looks normal.

I cannot believe I've just spend a decade suffering and now might have found the solution.

My question is whether anyone else had this?

And if so what dose did you take? Is it safe?

(will also check with gp)

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