Bright Red Vaginal Bleeding after Bowel Motion

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StillCounting123 Sun 21-Jun-20 21:06:27

I am suffering something similar! Spooky that you just posted this thread, as it's something I was thinking of doing.

I have had anal fissures for about 8 years (since birth of DC2) and for me it seems to be linked to that... Although that's just my guess, never been told that.

I suffer from ovarian cysts and have a consultant appointment this week as they are concerned re ovarian cancer. I bleed and bleed and bleed - usually have about one week per month where I'm not bleeding!

Will be asking when I'm seeing consultant about this bleeding after poo issues and see what she says.

OP, that isn't much help to you, I know! But you aren't alone!

Jane7721 Sun 21-Jun-20 20:06:39

Hi. I'm experiencing bright red vaginal bleeding around a few days a month after I pass a bowel motion (but not with every motion) . At one stage it stopped for a few months and then started again. No pain at all.

I went for MRI of my pelvic area and X-ray plus smear. I was told I had fibroids. Many tiny ones including some stuck to bowel . Also got full blood tests and bowel cancer markers were clear. Was referred to surgeon who suggested colonscopy, but he said chances are it's not related to bowel and could be related to pill or fibroids . I'm in my early 40s and on the mini pill. Blood only comes out for about ten mins after i poo and panty liner is enough as it's not heavy bleeding.
Not keen on colonscopy as he said it's risky given that I only have part of my bowel left following bowel surgery during childhood.

Anyone experienced this before?

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