Extreme pain down there

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Ceriane Thu 18-Jun-20 19:40:21

I’m in agonising pain in my pelvic and vaginal area. It has been a recurring problem for years. I was diagnosed with a staphylococcus infection in December and it took 3 lots of abx to cure it. Disappeared for 6 months and now it’s similar symptoms. I’m in so much pain and have a watery discharge. Not an STD , not possible. I need to get an appointment but difficult with vivid situation. I just don’t know why I keep having problems like this. I’m near crying my eyes out it’s so painful. Anyone else have similar problems?

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RedLemon Thu 18-Jun-20 19:44:23

You poor thing. Bit of a leap but is there any possibility it could be nerve pain? You definitely need to see your GP. Might they give you a prescription for some pain relief while you’re waiting to be seen?
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Ceriane Thu 18-Jun-20 19:50:24

Thank you. I think I need antibiotics again to be honest. I get recurring thrush a lot so am used to having soreness, burning sensation and for a while thought I may have vulvodynia, but this what I have now and have had episodes if before is real pain pain that makes my heart race. Think I may have a staph infection again. Will try and get an appointment as soon as I can. Thank you. 😥

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