Period - 20 days late

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diamondeyes Sat 13-Jun-20 14:28:26

Looking for some advice. I'm 28 and for a year now, my average cycle length has been increasing to 37 days. However, Currently it's at day 56 and still no period.
I've been off the Pill for four years. There is no chance of pregnancy so I'm really concerned.
I've had previous issues with Ovarian Cysts but they were treated.
I'm two stone over weight - could that be an issue?
It just feels like the last few years , my period is constantly late and my cycle is getting longer.

Should I see Gp?

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Mountains91 Sun 14-Jun-20 08:41:50

Hi @diamondeyes
I have PCOS, I’m 29, I had an implant for years and when it came out (9ish years ago) my cycles were sometimes as long as 90+ days.
They only regulated after I had a miscarriage two years ago.
I struggled to get pregnant and the only thing that made a difference to my hormone levels, was to lose a lot of weight, after that, I got pregnant, cycles completely regulated, bang on 26 days.
It would be worth discussing it with your GP, just incase there is something else going on.
Weight definitely plays a big part in fertility hormones (I know your not TTC but the same hormones regulate your cycles)

diamondeyes Sun 14-Jun-20 14:28:35

Very interesting, I have struggled to get pregnant. I'm definitely on the right track to lose weight, I've lost a stone and half now. Need to lose two more stones to be in the healthy BMI bracket.
I will contact GP as I'm concerned, especially with the previous ovarian cysts, I had to have a laparoscopy which they told me I may need to have another one in future.
I have thought I may have PCOS but we'll see.

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