Hormone imbalance?

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Colyflower Wed 10-Jun-20 12:22:43

I’ve always thought I’ve had a hormonal imbalance for years but all tests have always come back ok. I’ve always suffered bad heavy periods, mood swings, low libido but didn’t really think anything of it. Then I started to try and get pregnant which led to 6 years trying, blood tests all normal and ended up doing ivf, had two miscarriages and finally end of last year we had our miracle baby. It wasn’t until I was pregnant and felt amazing that I began think that there was something in it. Pre pregnancy I’d really suffer pretty much most of the time, maybe one week of each month I’d feel ok. My joints would ache, especially knees and hips where I could barely walk, I’d get very hot and sweaty, my skin would break out in big deep spots around my chin and jawline that last for weeks and have left scars. Pretty much all and every day I’d feel hot and sweaty though, really sweaty feet and palms. It would make me feel horrible and I’d get very moody and short tempered.

My period has now come back 6 months post-partum and all these horrible things I used to live with every day have come back and I’m back to being miserable, low mood and sweaty, my hip is so painful I can barely walk up the stairs. I am even more convinced now that there is an issue but not sure what it could be if every test has come back normal. During pregnancy my hair and skin were great, I didn’t have sweaty palms or feet, I barely had to wash my hair, my joints felt great and gone was any back or shoulder pain I used to have. I wasn’t hot or sweaty even during the really hot summer days and I felt like an oasis of calm.

I’ve done some quick googling and think it may be low progesterone levels but I’m sure I’ve been tested for that. I’ve not got PCOS, I had very mild endometriosis that was dealt with in 2017 but didn’t change anything anyway.

Anyone else had similar issues and had it confirmed or treated or if there’s anything I can do naturally to help me through it. I’m 43 now but these issues I’ve had since my early 30s, that I can remember so don’t think it’s menopause related unless I’m getting it early?

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Literallyfedup Fri 12-Jun-20 10:32:45

Adult acne on chin is a sign of hormonal imbalance. Hormonal test are to be done at particular points during the period to give any reasonable results.
What about your thyroid levels - are they normal? Because your thyroid control hormones in the body.
If everything is normal then try a contraceptive pill with your GP' advise. Pills won't correct your problem of imbalance but would give you steady hormones and will rectify most of your issues.
Also sometimes zinc and b6 deficiency can cause low progesterone in the body.

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