Weird bleeding ever since miscarriage..

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Queenbee95 Mon 08-Jun-20 13:10:28

Hi, so this is gonna be a long one.. thanks in advance for reading!

So I had a miscarriage on March 4th. Pretty straight forward, bled for two days and I was ok. Fast forward to April, I got a normal 5 day period on the 5th. THEN I bled again on the 25th and 26th (very very light, almost spotting) nothing on 27th, and light bleed once again on 28th.
Period came almost normally on the 25th of May, for 5 days. Again very light bleeding.
I started bleeding on Friday and it hasn’t stopped yet. This time it has been significantly heavier.
Should I be worried about all this? It’s very weird for my periods to be irregular.

OH ALSO- can I add that I have the worst pain/cramps too. Unbearable, doubled over pain.. I have been getting a horrible stabbing to my left side mostly when I bleed too..

sorry for the tmi, thanks x

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