Anyone had a tummy tuck. I hate my stomach since baby 2

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ishouldtryabiteachday Sun 31-May-20 23:28:13

My stomach is loose the skin hangs since baby 2 in January. I think big baby 1 did it really, but smaller baby 2 finished the job. . I've been exercising and dieting and whilst I've lost weight( with still half a stone to go) my stomach just hangs over my waist band. The more I loose the more it hangs like a wrinkly old man.

Anyone had a tummy tuck ? I don't want to pin my hopes on something which I imagine costs at least 10k, which I don't have. Would I get the the results I want? Plus is it cheating? Exercises won't help the skin, but I'm working on core strength too.

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phoebesphalange Sun 31-May-20 23:29:45

Following with interest! Similar over here, have been looking into a tummy tuck although everything seems to be on hold for now.

Bellebelle Sun 31-May-20 23:40:52

Haven’t had one and I don’t know anyone who has but there are loads of alternatives to full plastic surgery these days. I went for something called Exilis last year to tighten up my lower stomach. Despite me having worked my core/dieted so much that I had visible upper stomach muscles my lower stomach just wouldn’t budge and I had an overhang. It really worked although took a good few months to see proper results. Not perfect but so much better, my tummy button actually lifted and the overhang went. It’s even held up through the ‘lockdown pounds’ I've put on. It doesn’t last forever, I’ll probably need a top up next year but for £500 it’s worth it.

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