Awful periods after second baby, help and advice

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Ldw95 Sat 16-May-20 08:34:50

Hi ladies hoping someone can help me out here I need to find some way of making myself feel human during my periods.

Since my second son a year ago they have been dreadful! Never had any problems before, like clockwork, never heavy and never lasted more than four days (I was lucky I know!!)

Now I’m so heavy, cramps and sorry in advance for the TMI ... when I go number two I could cry the pain is so bad. And I’m no wimp!

I went to the doctor for swabs to rule out anything nasty and all came back clear including cervical screening.

Has anyone else experienced such a change after baby and what are my options here can it be sorted?! Thanks xx

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annie9876 Sat 16-May-20 08:49:48

I can sympathise.

I had my first child last year and before that my periods were fine - a little sporadic due to the contraception I was on but never any pain and always fairly light. But boy oh boy, now they are awful.

Some months I bleed every couple of weeks and it's heavy, as in I'm still using maternity pads (on the advice of the gynaecology department). I find leaving the house tricky when I'm bleeding (the one godsend of lockdown is I don't have to) because I bleed so quick and heavy that I'm constantly worried about leaking.

I have pains that I never had before and the mood swings are horrid - I do feel very sorry for my DH as unfortunately he bears the brunt of it although he is very good and doesn't snap back or give me grief. If he can see I'm struggling he will generally just give me space, run me a bath and take the DC out. Small things but definitely stops it escalating.

I've spoken to multiple health professionals about it and it just looks like that might be the new normal for me now which isn't nice but I guess it's better than holding out hope of it improving.

I find having one of the microwaveable heat pads helps the pains - the bitchiness I've not found a cure for yet though - if you find one let me know, im sure my DH will appreciate it 🤣

Ldw95 Sat 16-May-20 09:22:34


Im sorry you’re going through something similar, I so wasn’t prepared for this! As if a three year old and a one year old isn’t enough haha! I feel better that I’m not alone in it but knowing there’s probably no hope is slightly depressing wink

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Ylostigres Sat 16-May-20 09:32:51

Yes I'm also experiencing this, 2 years after the birth of my 2nd baby. Not so much the heaviness of the period, but intense pains, horrendous migraines, nausea, and (sounds awful) but my bum hurts so much, I can barely walk, like something is pressing internal on something!? Actually makes me yelp in pain, and yesterday while on a phonecall, I had to suddenly hang up as I couldn't speak through what I can only describe as feeling like contraction/labour pain. The pain is so intense I start to sweat, and can't stand up straight. I know dh thinks I'm being dramatic, but it's honestly as bad as my contractions were in labour, and the only saving grace is they aren't as frequent. It's worrying me enough to call the doctor next week. X

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