dry skin & hair growth on legs

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mumofone2818 Sat 09-May-20 16:59:13

Sorry if this is gross and tmi but I don't want to ask anyone as i'm embarrassed haha,

I suffer from really sensitive and dry skin and have done for most of my life (i'm 26). For as long as I can remember since being pregnant with DD 3 years ago i have had really itchy skin particularly on my legs.

I decided to take a closer look at them today to see why they are so bloody itchy & always dry & i noticed that my leg hair seem to be growing but then going back into my leg blush it's as if its growing under the skin, but it's not an ingrown hair so to speak because its not red swollen or sore just so itchy!! I scratched away at it and realised when the dry skin is taken off the hair is fine and i can remove it ( i did it woth tweezers) is this a thing? or am i just gross lol. I use a exfoliating sponge every 2nd shower and i shower everyday to get rid of dry skin but clearly it doesnt work. Do i just sit and literally tweezer the hairs out my leg?

Some hairs grow normal but the majority i would say are stuck under small bumps of dry skin. I use zerobase for my dry skin at the moment could this be causing it??

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Bloomburger Sat 09-May-20 17:03:25

this is good. It's a chemical exfoliant. I use it in the evening and moisturise the next day. I have a body brush which I also use on dry skin as I get the problem you do but on the back of my thighs.

SunnySomer Sat 09-May-20 17:06:47

As well as moisturising you need to exfoliate eg with a brush or a loofah. I’d be wary of products if you tend to get allergic dermatitis (I tend to react to anything perfumed).

mumofone2818 Sat 09-May-20 18:37:04

@Bloomburger thank you I will give it a go and see if it works for me, I always wondered why after shaving my legs they still felts bumpy and itchy 

@SunnySomer I find that too my skin breaks out and gets rashy easy I normally just use soap or dove works well for me for some reason! have the worst skin combo so i do x

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