Coming off Rigavidon after having baby

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Jellybaby13 Sat 09-May-20 15:01:31


So I had a c-section last September and then the doctors put me on to Rigavidon (the pill I was previously on before becoming pregnant with my baby).

I had some problems with bleeding coming back even 6 weeks after the birth but rigavidon seemed to sort it out...anyway...7 and a half months on I've decided to quit rigavidon and contraceptives (other than condom) altogether to get my body back to a natural state before we try for another baby.

I had my first period since coming off rigavidon finish last Sunday...then last Wednesday my period came back! And it's a proper period, I even have the migraine that usually comes with my periods. Is this normal after coming off the pill? I can't remember what happened last time because it was around 2 years ago now! Should I go get checked out or does my periods need time to regulate?

Would normally just call GP but with current pandemic I don't really want to bother them if it's a case of waiting for my period to regulate.



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