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charllejane Tue 05-May-20 15:16:45

Hi all,

I'm a third year Industrial Designer studying at Loughborough University and will be heading into my final year in October.

For my final major project I'd like to design a product in the 'FemTech' space - a product designed for women for periods of their life cycle such as puberty, pregnancy, post-pregnancy and menopause.

I would love to hear any issues or problems you have struggled with that I could possibly develop a solution for, and gaining real insight from real women will be immensely helpful for me, as I myself haven't gone through all of these stages yet.

It could be absolutely anything, even if there is something already there but could be made better, more intuitive, more accessible or more convenient. For example, moving a product into the 'at home' space so that women can use it within their own time and at their own discretion. Or as another example, I've been exploring the condition endometriosis and the possibility of developing a discreet and portable product women can use to help alleviate pain.

Any advice would be really helpful! Thanks all.

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