Thinking of a breast reduction

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PaolaNeri Mon 04-May-20 22:19:24

(I was cleanthisroomup poster) Yes it was around the £6K figure, and the BMI do a payment package if needed. I think even if I get all my excess weight off and they shrank, I would still have one to tidy them up after 3 bf kids and a lifetime of yo yo dieting, they have had a batteringgrin.

luckylady22 Sun 03-May-20 12:26:26

Can I just ask what price they quoted ? I think it will be around 5 - 6 k from what I see online ?

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luckylady22 Sun 03-May-20 12:23:53

Yeah I'm the same, so over having large breasts and I am also losing weight and will wait until get to where I want to be but definitely think I'm gonna do this ! Thank you both of you for replying and pointers in the right direction smile

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CakeandCoffeeQueen Sat 02-May-20 19:17:15

I had one last year and it’s been a game changer!
There is a fantastic Facebook group called breast reduction - uk members only with lots on knowledgeable ladies in it who can recommend someone near you and answer lots of questions. I found it so helpful when I was planning my operation.

Cleanthisroomup Sat 02-May-20 19:03:58

This is my first post and I had to reply to recommend a fantastic lady called Miss Shotria of the Windsor Breast Clinic who is very well known in the Surrey/Berkshire area. I have also discussed a reduction with her and I currently see her for a 6 month breast check, just to give me peace of mind as I am also very large. She is extremely well thought of both NHS and privately, for her cancer and cosmetic surgery. She works out of the Runnymede Hospital, Chertsey and Princess Margaret Hospital in Windsor, Berkshire, for private patients. I have decided to wait until I finish losing weight as it does affect my breast size, but I really am over having such huge breasts. Oh, to just buy a gorgeous bra off the shelf in my size instead of settling for what looks like a slingshot that costs £100. Or, to sleep without feeling like I am being suffocated with them in neck!

luckylady22 Sat 02-May-20 16:15:59

I am seriously thinking of a breast reduction and wondered if anyone could point me in the right direction ? I would not get on the NHS so would be looking at going private either in this country or abroad and would love to hear others experience and any recommendations for clinics or surgeons ? Obviously with all that is going on right now would probably be late this year or next year but will give me time to save up and do some research.

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