Ovarian cyst

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sarahjsdddd Thu 30-Apr-20 09:39:12

Hi all,
Looking for some reassurance/experience please sad
Yesterday I had an abdominal/urinary tract ultrasound as I've been having recurrent uti symptoms since they start of January. I was told all normal apart from a large cyst on my left ovary. I am now worrying so much as I've been having pains above my left hip bone & can feel a lump there (gp couldn't feel it though) hence the reason for the ultrasound (and potential kidney stones).I also had a miscarriage in February. It took until a few weeks ago for my hcg levels to go down.

I've been having these pains on my left side for quite a few months too, when I need a wee the pain increases sad I need to wee frequently and have lower backpain too, been feeling weak and tired, having sweating episodes and fluctuating temperature. But all my symptoms can be attributed to a uti. When I had the miscarriage I had a scan in the middle of February and it said that my ovaries are normal, so this must have occurred since then?!
I have to wait for the report to go to my Gp but am now petrified I have ovarian cancer/it will rupture/ will need an operation. I have also read they can go away on their own, but the pain is concerning me
Has anyone else experienced ovarian cyst? Could all my troubles be linked? Thank you xx

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