Breast Rash

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babygidznumber2 Wed 29-Apr-20 21:42:12

Hi all,

I am breastfeeding my second child (10.5 mnths PP) and noticed this rash a few weeks ago. I initially thought it was from my daughter touching it while BFing but just saw it and it is still there. It has also grown a lot bigger (usually the bugger breastfeeding breast any way) but now it is noticeably bigger. I have mastitis on the oppsite so maybe that's why?

Has anyine else experienced a rash while breastfeeding?

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bunpot Wed 29-Apr-20 21:55:27

Is it itchy? I get a bit of eczema there cos of being so warm with a hot little baby permanently attached

babygidznumber2 Wed 29-Apr-20 22:45:22

@bunpot no not itchy but would make sense. She loves playing with my other boob while breastfeeding so I was thinking (hoping) maybe from that? And also yes could be heat rash, since that boob is bigger. It makes sense that our little ones could create different types of rashes since they are on us a lot while bF'ing. It makes me feep slightly relieved that you have gotten this too xo

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