Periods after Depo

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Orangelover Wed 15-Apr-20 23:28:32

I was on the depo injection for about 5 years and decided to come off last year to eventually TTC as I'd read that it can take a while to leave the system and become fertile again. I had my last injection in April 2019 and had my first period 9 months later in Jan this year. Since then I've had a period every two weeks. Not too heavy and only lasting a 4 days.

Anyone got any experience of how long everything takes to regulate? Now been off it a year in total so would be hoping things will start to settle soon hmm

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AuntieRachie Mon 27-Apr-20 00:14:58

Hiya 👋 I’ve been off for 2.5 years now and had my first period about 6 months after coming off, was regular by 15 months after looking at my ‘Flo’ App. Have been having 28/29 day cycles and still quite short periods 4 days - not complaining! That was after 4 years on depo ... not actively trying to conceive quite yet but wanted to hopefully get regular cycles and get depo out of my system before we are hoping to start later this year. X fingers crossed yours settle soon smile looking back, I came off earlier than needed but was expecting it to take longer reading the info leaflet and hearing other experiences 😕

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