Night sweats ?

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Rockinghorse2019 Thu 26-Mar-20 11:21:37

My GP said it couldn’t be not sure why. Had blood tests before the lockdown last week. Came back as low white blood cells maybe sign of infection - I am currently full of cold. Do still worried it’s something really bad.

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Mabelface Wed 25-Mar-20 10:43:35

It could be early peri menopause. Check the NHS website.

Rockinghorse2019 Wed 25-Mar-20 10:33:23

I’m 6 months pp and 41 and haven’t had a period since having my baby (bottle feeding)
I’ve been having bad night sweats could this still be hormonal or anxiety (I’m very anxious) or should I worry it’s something really bad like cancer? Really stressed 😥

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