No sex drive and migraines... Implanon!

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BWPaa Tue 24-Mar-20 21:01:38

I have the implant have had it for nearly 10 years (other than maybe 2 years when having my babies) I have now come to realise this is what causes my awful migraines as when I have it removed TTC I am fine and mostly fine when pregnant!

Also I have 0 sex drive, not one ounce of me is interested in anything of the sort 🤦🏻‍♀️

Here is the problem... I am over weight so can't use some contraceptives! I need something that works as I nearly died having my last child and they told me not to risk it having another but I also refuse to have the coil!

DH refuses to have the snip also and we have tried condoms but he finds them very uncomfortable even the XL!

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