Still no period

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Sar1520 Sat 21-Mar-20 23:02:45

So, 15 weeks since my daughter had arrived, I’ve still no physically seen a period! I am no breastfeeding this is my second child, she did arrive really fast and I had a heavier blood loss (no that recorded really) because of her weight and the placenta being quite large.
1. I am not pregnant
2. Am I being really paranoid suffering from higher anxiety in events happening anyway stupid I know but that’s me

I have lost weight since having her and from the past my periods are abnormal and weight loss does really mess them about!
I have had like a day to two with quite light bleeding thinking it’s a period and having my period type moods (evil&down) which makes me think it’s coming but it does not!
Any advice if others have been through this will be great just to calm my anxiety down really because I do tend to think the worse!!!

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welshgirl20 Sun 22-Mar-20 08:06:57

Heya hun, I had my little one 22 weeks ago and I wasn’t breastfeeding. Took a good while to get mine, I would say around 4 months & when it did it was very heavy (so please don’t let that alarm you when it does).
Since having the little one I too have started suffering from anxiety attacks and am paranoid about every little health concern so i know how horrible it can be.
Try and relax, it will definitely come.
I remember bleeding upto 10 weeks after the birth and was so concerned as everyone else’ stopped around 6 weeks. Everyone is different and when your period does come, you will be wishing it away ahah.
Chin up! If you would to chat I’m here x

Sar1520 Sun 22-Mar-20 10:00:36

Thank you so much for your reply! I think I’m just overthinking! Doesn’t help because I got pregnant when I was expecting my smear everyone’s going on at me as my children are close in age so they really don’t help any situation!!! I’m either pregnant or should go for my bloody smear constantly even though I’m only now aloud to go 12 + weeks after!
Anxiety is just a fun situation right! I do always think the worse of a bad situation! It is just nice to express I can say to it my partner but he just doesn’t get it sometimes haha!xx

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welshgirl20 Sun 22-Mar-20 11:34:54

Totally get that, my husband is always listening and trying to help me see things clearly but when it’s happening to you it just doesn’t matter, no one can help you! This virus isn’t helping the situation as every little throat clearing I’m worried haha smile gotta love these hormons!!

Rockinghorse2019 Wed 25-Mar-20 10:01:57

Hi I haven’t had a period either and I suffer really badly from anxiety. My baby is six months I’ve had nothing and I bottle fed from 6 weeks.

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