Checking for Endometriosis, cyst on left ovary

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HGranger Sat 14-Mar-20 07:19:02

I went to the doctors recently for ongoing pelvic pain, especially on my left side, spotting, heavy periods, recurring bladder pain, especially around my period.

The GP was incredibly proactive and said it sounded like it could be endometriosis, but that we should rule anything else out first. So I had a ultrasound yesterday, and they found a cyst on my left ovary, which goes a long way to explaining the pain. He has said he wants me to come back in three months so we can check it and said something about it potentially being endometrioma.

Has anyone else had any experience of this. How was it diagnosed?

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Elouera Sat 14-Mar-20 07:46:15

@HGranger- Yes, this sounds exactly like me!!! Apologies for long post in advance!
Background- 39 at that stage, regular periods, no pain, no history of endo and no other known gynae issues other than 3 tiny fibroids.
I didn't have pain, but following MC had a scan which showed a 5cm cyst on my R ovary. A scan 6 weeks later showed it had completely resolved itself and gone.
For the next 18mths or so, I was getting an ache/pain over the R ovary, but from ovulation until AF started. I assume it might be fibroid affected my monthly hormones. After my 2nd MC, I was given a hycosy, where they insert dye into the uterus to check the tubes are clear, and checks the shape of the uterus. This showed what they thought might be an endometrioma on the R ovary. A scan 2mths later showed it was still there, and most likely an endometrioma.
Fast forward to now. I no longer get the monthly pains on that side. I can only assume that the 18mths of pain, was potentially bleeding of the endometrioma, but can only guess. I'd always thought endo was something you were born with, not something you can suddenly get later in life! I've since read that surgery, scarring, STI's and various things can make endo appear in other parts! Although I've never had any of the above, I can only think that the initial cyst might have been the cause? I'm now having IVF, and booked for egg retrieval on monday. I ovulate monthly, good egg reserve and they've said the infertility (2yr TTC since last MC) is unexplained- so havent said that the endo is the cause. They also cant see it anywhere else, except a 1cm spot within the R ovary.
My friend had years of bladder pain, suspected UTI's and multiple cameras INSIDE the bladder. Finally, she can a lap, which showed she had endo on the OUTside of it. They might suggest a lap after your next scan, but only if symptoms continue. Are you TTC? How old are you? Its great that your GP is proactive though. You mgiht find the cyst has completely gone on your next scan. Feel free to ask me anything.

HGranger Sat 14-Mar-20 08:45:21

@elouera thank you so much for sharing. I'm sorry you're struggling to conceive. I'm certain my bladder issues are something to do with all this. It's just too cyclical to just be coincidence in my opinion.

I'm not TTC, and actually have a 2yo. I'm 30. Although I don't enjoy the pain, the bladder issues are my biggest issues. It's just so miserable, and I can't do anything about it. It comes and goes of it's own accord. Nothing really makes any difference.

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Elouera Sat 14-Mar-20 08:55:22

@HGranger- sorry to hear about the pain etc. Glad you have a little one though. My friend endure years of pain, cameras inside the bladder etc. It got to the point they said it was in her head, and referred her to a psychiatrist!!! As mentioned above, her endo was on the outside of her bladder! She had it treated and has 3 kids now.

You need to be persistent. Its not normal to get such pain. Sounds like your GP is ok though, so hopefully you will get some answers in time x

emmathedilemma Sun 15-Mar-20 08:16:13

Cysts can come and go with your cycle. I had an ultrasound to diagnose fibroids about 18 months ago and none reported, then had to go back to get my coil checked and I had one that was something like 5cm, but at a follow up a couple of months later it had gone. So don't worry about it too much!

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