Am a losing myself ??

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idahloo Tue 03-Mar-20 16:16:33

Don't know where to start really. I've heard of this forum.
I don't do social media and am a private person. I do have 4 older children and am divorced. I don't have friend or family. People don't believe me when I say I have no friends. But I genuinely don't.
I supper from difficult mental health problems which I try to hide as I'm embarrassed.
I'm in my early 40's and worry I will feel
Like this forever. Every day is a struggle and hard xx

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AutumnCrow Tue 03-Mar-20 16:24:05

Hello, I don't do social media much so you're not the only one.There is a Mental Health board on here if you think reading through it might help or at least be of some intetest? You are most certainly not alone flowers

AutumnCrow Tue 03-Mar-20 16:35:02

Like this thread maybe?

Cinderella25 Sat 07-Mar-20 06:57:36

I don’t have any friends. I haven’t made a friend since I was about 15. Most of my school friends moved away and I never made any new ones.

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