Period Clot or Miscarriage?

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Anonymus123 Sun 01-Mar-20 09:50:48

I am on the contraceptive implant so my periods are quiet irregular. I was 2 weeks late to when I thought I should’ve came on however as they are irregular, I thought nothing of this. I came on my period on Thursday, I had cramps which just felt like period cramps. Yesterday in my sanitary towel I found what looked like tissue /m( quite fleshy looking ) that was a dark purple / liver colour, slightly oval shape but not a perfect shape as such. This was probably around the size of the average woman’s tip of the thumb and also looked like it had some additional tissue wrapped round the middle of it which made the width of the middle thicker then the tip / end of whatever this may have been. Friday was the only day I was actually properly bleeding, Saturday and this morning it is barely there / no actual blood.

When I googled this i came across this being either a clot from my period, or a miscarriage. As I am new to the web page, it will not allow me to attach the image I have so the above is the best description I can give, hopefully it is enough! Can someone advise if they are aware of which this may be? And also would a doctor be able to confirm this if all I have is the photo? Thank you

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