Cracked nipple and areola shrinkage

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OnNaturesCourse Thu 27-Feb-20 00:13:15


So I had a little skin infection on my underboob in December and to help with the itching I applied calamine lotion - totally forgetting that it's drying I put this stuff all over my boob. Que cracked nipple appearing. I treated it with germolene and keeping it protected / covered. It was healing nicely so I stopped treatment however I think I done it too soon and my nipple is cracked even worse now. For the past three days I've had it smothered in nipple cream and covered with a plaster like patch. Tonight I've notice my areola on that boob looks so much smaller than usual...and half the size of my other one. It makes my boobs look uneven in size but on feeling them I don't notice a difference. Boob has been on and off tender from the nipple.

Can the nipple cream and constant moisture cause this?

It's really worrying me as this boob hasnt been right since December with one thing or another. I did get the GP to check the breasts in Jan and they found nothing of concern. I feel like I'm hyper aware of my boob and its really playing on my mind.

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OnNaturesCourse Thu 27-Feb-20 09:44:46


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OnNaturesCourse Wed 04-Mar-20 15:39:14

Bumping this again.

Waiting on GP getting back to me but I'm super anxious, I have a gut feeling something is wrong.

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